Philosophy: sustainable communication

We believe in authentic communication for sustainable business relations. We develop individual strategies and creative solutions for long-term success and commitment. From institutions to individuals. From brands to people. No community without communication. Sustainable and social. Content is king!

Perspective: 360° consulting

We provide a complete portfolio of communication services. From classic PRand outreach work to digital strategies, social media campaigns and influencer marketing. Our specialist areas are text, research and conception. From advertorials, PR-texts, treatments, white papers and other areas of copywriting to online presences, SEO-optimised texts and complete customer magazines. Together with our network of partners and creative people we offer you complete solutions in design, layout, event planning as well as audio and video production.

A network made of possibilities

In cooperation with our network of associates and creatives, we offer complete ready-to-use solutions in terms of designs, layout, event planning, web presences, brand launches as well as audio and video production.

Expertise: jacks of all trades

Working focus? Diversity! One of the most exciting aspects of our work is the desire and ability to work deeply into new subject areas within a short period of time. Professional competence is the basis of all sustainable communication. Of course, there are also fields in which we have acquired special expertise based on many years of experience. This includes communication between local authorities and cultural institutions. Localization of content and campaigns from the Anglo-Saxon and lusophone language regions for the DACH markets. The fashion and pop culture industries, with special expertise in ethical fashion and music promotion. As well as software – from gaming to applications, with exceptional expertise in the field of open source solutions. In addition to institutions, our clientele includes start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises.

For example, these include:

  • Communication and external presentation of municipal sponsors and cultural facilities
  • Content and campaign localisation for the DACH markets from the Anglo-Saxon and Lusophone languages.
  • Fashion industry (with special expertise in ethical fashion and sports)
  • Pop culture (with special expertise in music promotion and event communication)
  • Technology (technical marketing of hard- and software)

Our range of clients includes institutions as well as start-ups and small and medium-sized companies.

Convinced? Then let us communicate!